In 2014 we took the leap to move from central London to the outskirts of Bedfordshire to buy our 24-acre smallholding.  Our vision from day one has been to create a space where our loved ones, friends and animals could grow, celebrate, relax and create special moments together.

Four years on after starting this journey and a few bumps along the way (which I’m sure I will share with you at some point) and we are finally here… a place where we can start to create and build project ‘Home’.

The only problems are I’m pretty much a novice in the garden and a fair-weather farmer that hibernates 4 months of the year (my husband can testify to this, it’s not like I didn’t warn him before we bought the place lol).  However my vision to create a home is so strong and I do LOVE the odd shabby chic, DIY, Rustic upcycle and bake-off project…. I mean who doesn’t love a bake-off?!. 

I also have a super soft spot for all things fluffy, feathery, furry and cheeky and every year we find ourselves surrounded by babies and rescues thus our crazy, chaotic brood just keeps getting bigger.

We will be sharing the good the bad and the muddy of our farm life and DIY projects as well as a few bake-offs as we do love to bake (and eat) cake on Hill Farm.

Jaxs x